No matter if you already live for years in or near Ubud, or if you just plan to one day become a local resident, now in the wet season or winter ’over there’ is a good time to think about the value of a harmonious atmosphere inside your home. Should the bed sheets be replaced with new ones in a colourful pattern? Maybe some wooden garden furniture on the veranda could do with a fresh coat, rethink the lighting and so on. Long ago, when still living in Europe, I enjoyed having a large aquarium, which gave on those dull autumn and winter days and long evenings romantic lighting and a colourful living focus next to the sitting area.

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Getting the SALE right...

18 December 2017

If you celebrate Christmas, there may be limited time for you to read this. After severe work-related stress or personal disappointment, for many Christmas is ranking third in the line-up of heavy demand pressure periods. If that is true for you, I’ll better be short this time. Last month you were promised to find some useful tips about selling a house here in Bali. I then made this promise a bit light hearted, because one point on the list says: ’if possible, do not sell in the rainy season’. Well, exactly for that reason I did not intend to talk about the issue before March/ April 2018.

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All is good? I sure hope so, the grumbling of Mount Agung has these days been replaced by the noise of thunderstorms and many Ubudians are forced to spend afternoon hours under a roof, which usually involves a relaxing coffee break. Indeed, all is good. Just as a reminder for the few among us, who look concerned into the sky, wishing that the next lightning is not hitting the house, - not to worry. You remember from the old school days, that earth acts as minus pole in the lightning, sending the electric charge indeed from the earth up into the clouds and not the other way around which is what it actually looks like. Now, traditionally Bali villas and -houses do not have a cellar, deep foundations, or underground lines, therefore they do not attract this energy exchange. Welcome old news, we can relax and pour another cup.

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Welcome. I guess, if you read until finish, you are one of the brave persons who can admit that we sometimes fool ourselves, but see this as a necessary evil in our society. For example: “Good morning madam/sir, how are you?” “Thanks, I am fine” - although this morning our teenager just wrecked his bike and had 5 stitches (Doctor’s bill still to be paid…) and on top we have this toothache on number six again and we absolutely do not feel like “thank you - fine!” Just knowing that others do not care too much about our dilemmas may lead to saying something which is just not true. This is how it sometimes goes, right?

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With housing prices starting to bottom out, now is a great time to consider real estate opportunities. However, since credit remains tight, unless you plan to pay cash, your first step might involve researching financing options. You also need to look into interest rates, which will be higher for investment properties than for primary residences, as well as local tax rates, insurance costs, fees or maintenance expenses that might be associated with the property and, if you plan to rent, local vacancy rates and the average length of time rentals remain vacant

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