Welcome. I guess, if you read until finish, you are one of the brave persons who can admit that we sometimes fool ourselves, but see this as a necessary evil in our society. For example: “Good morning madam/sir, how are you?” “Thanks, I am fine” - although this morning our teenager just wrecked his bike and had 5 stitches (Doctor’s bill still to be paid…) and on top we have this toothache on number six again and we absolutely do not feel like “thank you - fine!” Just knowing that others do not care too much about our dilemmas may lead to saying something which is just not true. This is how it sometimes goes, right?

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With housing prices starting to bottom out, now is a great time to consider real estate opportunities. However, since credit remains tight, unless you plan to pay cash, your first step might involve researching financing options. You also need to look into interest rates, which will be higher for investment properties than for primary residences, as well as local tax rates, insurance costs, fees or maintenance expenses that might be associated with the property and, if you plan to rent, local vacancy rates and the average length of time rentals remain vacant

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Apakah Anda merupakan tipe orang yang menyukai kebersihan? Atau Anda lebih cuek dengan rumah yang Anda tinggali? Ada beberapa orang yang memang gemar menumpuk barang di rumah mereka, dan beranggapan jika nantinya barang tersebut akan mereka pergunakan kembali. Contohnya saja, Anda menyimpan meja yang telah usang, padahal barang ini jika dibiarkan menumpuk begitu saja hanya akan menjadi masalah. Barang yang disimpan dengan maksud untuk menghematnya suatu saat pada kenyataannya malah bisa menyebabkan pemborosan. Berikut berbagai macam hal yang mungkin timbul jika Anda membiarkan berbagai barang menumpuk di rumah.

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We and our children will have to do more, better and smarter than any generation before, in order to survive in an increasingly competitive world. Self Development is the way not only to survive, but live a happy live, free of fear or worries and full of confidence, as well as creating a great life style which has not been available to humans in all the centuries before. Hundreds of books have been written, but lately the internet with videos of talks by amazing personalities offers truly inspiring support to get up and going . . . Here are some of the web sites, which are free for all and very worthwhile to visit:

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Mengajak Bali Menabung (1)

16 September 2017

Saya percaya, bahwa menabung merupakan dasar dari penciptaan kekayaan. Keluarga yang membiasakan menabung, terlepas dari berapapun tingkat pendapatannya niscaya mempunyai harapan untuk bisa hidup sejahtera. Kumpulan keluarga yang gemar menabung akan membentuk masyarakat yang tidak konsumtif dan produktif. Pada gilirannya menjadikan masyakakat yang sejahtera. Masyarakat yang sejahtera akan punya waktu untuk mengembangkan budayanya. Khusus untuk Bali, pulau yang saya cintai ini, pulau yang mempunyai taksu atas budayanya, isu melestarikan dan mengembangkan budayanya yang luhur semakin significant

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